Hair loss for Men
07 / 18 / 18

The Psychological Effects of Hair loss for Men

Hair loss isn't a life threatening condition, but a receding hairline can be a sensitive topic for almost anyone. Since ancient times, hair has been a part of our culture. Thick, full hair is a sign of youth and good health. Nearly every culture treats hair with great importance, and losing it can cause catastrophic problems to our mental health.

A 2005 study took a look at people who suffered from different types of alopecia (hair loss) and confirmed what most of us already know. Those who suffer from thinning hair or baldness are more at risk for severe mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.

Those with male pattern baldness or other forms of alopecia can suffer self esteem issues, and even conditions such as body dysmorphic disorder. In this condition, sufferers view themselves as disproportionately ugly, and suffer severe anxiety over what others think of their looks.

The link between hair loss and the psychological repercussions of it are an important finding, even if unsurprising. Our hair has a very real impact on how we feel about ourselves. Hair loss can be especially painful if you are young, making you feel older or out of place among your peers. Many people attempt to hide the loss behind hats or with other coverings, but even with a hat to hide it, the mental anguish is still there.

Unfortunately, research has not yet made any advances on recommended therapies for those who are having difficulty coping with hair loss. While research is still ongoing in this area, if you happen to suffer from hair loss, it is important to remember that it is a treatable condition.

There are many options available for those who are losing their confidence and retreating from the dating scene because of their hair. Hair loss clinics like Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton have the technology available to help improve appearance. Options include hair transplants, where hair is taken from thicker areas on the scalp and moved to the thin areas, PRP treatments, and even cold laser therapy can help reduce the appearance of balding.

If hair loss affects you so profoundly that your lifestyle is compromised, getting help is an important step to taking back control of your life. Living in a state of constant emotional stress can reduce opportunities you take for yourself. If you feel poorly about your appearance, you are less likely to ask the new girl at the office out, or go to a party with your friends.

If you find yourself missing out on life, seeking help is the best possible way of handling the situation. Getting your hair back can help boost your confidence, and reduce the stress and anxiety you feel every time you look in the mirror.

Hair loss may not be a deadly condition, but it has real and powerful effects on our mental health. If you are suffering because of male pattern baldness or other hair loss conditions, making changes can relieve those issues and improve your quality of life.

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