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Causes of Men's Hair Loss

Why do men lose their hair? It’s often assumed that male pattern baldness is the culprit—and in a majority of instances, that turns out to be true. Male pattern hair loss is far and away the most common factor in men’s hair loss. With that said, there are also other conditions that can contribute, ranging from genetic disorders to medical treatments.

At HRC Dayton—a leading men’s hair loss center in Dayton, Ohio—we can help you get a better understanding of why you’re losing your hair. Through a one-on-one consultation, we can assess the health of your scalp and follicles, enabling us to make some personalized treatment recommendations. Ultimately, there is always hope for hair restoration, no matter the cause and no matter the extent of your hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Many men accept hair loss as something inevitable and irreversible—but actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Today, there are more options than ever before for men who wish to curb the hair loss process, restoring fullness and volume. HRC Dayton, a leading provider of hair loss treatments for men, is proud to offer the latest, safest, and most effective solutions.

It all starts with a consultation. Join us in our Dayton, Ohio studio space, where you’ll meet one-on-one with a stylist for a full scalp/follicle examination. We’ll get a better understanding of why you’re losing your hair, then recommend some treatments that will produce amazing, natural results!

Get a FREE Confidential Consultation

Discover hair replacement solutions to meet your needs; it starts with a FREE consultation.

When it comes to hair loss solutions, the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. We tailor our methods to meet each client, and we invite you to join us in our studio space today for a FREE, one-on-one consultation with one of our stylists. Contact us today to schedule this visit and to learn more about the available solutions.


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  • I recently went to HRC for the second time for hair replacement. I again did a lot of research, like I did ten years ago the first time I did it and looked in to clinics in Columbus and Cincinnati. I wanted to be sure I was getting quality service and product since I was in a smaller (Dayton) market. But for the second time I was impressed by the professionalism of the HRC's staff and physician, Dr. Nick Agnesi's staff. They were not pushy and talked me through what they recommended and what I was comfortable with selecting. Getting surgery for hair replacement was a big decision and I would say with complete conviction that it was the right choice and that HRC and Dr. Agnesi were the right ones to choose for the procedure.

    — Matthew

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