There are many options available to men who are faced with hair loss—and at HRC Dayton, our job is helping men find the solution they are more comfortable with. For some men this means a hair transplant, but for others it means something less invasive. To that end, we are pleased to offer our clients a spectrum of non-surgical hair loss solutions.

The first step in the process is meeting with us in our studio. In a private and relaxed setting, you can talk one-on-one with one of our stylists, learning more about some of the available options. During this free consultation, we’ll also evaluate your scalp health, helping you get a better grasp on the potential causes of your hair loss.

Hair Follicle Regeneration Treatment for Men's Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

The primary non-surgical treatment we offer is what’s known as Hair Follicle Regeneration treatment. Here’s how it works: To have healthy hair growth, you need vigorous blood flow to your follicles. An injection of “new blood” can sometimes be all that’s required to “wake up” the follicles and rejuvenate growth.

In the Hair Follicle Regeneration treatment, we draw a sample of blood from your arm, then put it in a machine that “spins” it into Hair Follicle Regeneration—essentially a nutrient-rich, restorative by-product of your blood. This is then injected straight to the scalp, where it can often revive your follicles and lead to new hair growth. This is a quick and straightforward procedure that has shown amazing results for many of our clients.

And of course, we are also proud to offer men’s hair restorations systems, laser hair therapy, topical solutions, and more. The best way to identify the right treatment method for your needs is to visit us for a consultation today.

Hair Restoration from HRC Dayton

For decades, we have been Dayton, Ohio’s leading provider of non-surgical hair restoration for men. We’re known both for our depth of expertise as well as our commitment to cutting-edge treatment methods.

Our goal is to find a treatment option that meets your needs and provides you with the full, healthy head of hair you’re dreamed of. Contact us in the HRC Dayton studio to schedule an appointment.