06 / 02 / 17

Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

Hair loss is inevitable, all men should expect balding to some degree once they reach the age of 40. The panic is normal, but some misconceptions exasperate things by making men paranoid about things that are just not true. These are mostly old wives’ tales that have been passed down without any serious scrutiny or scientific basis. Here are a few myths you should not believe about hair loss:

It comes from Mom’s side of the family

Baldness is hereditary, but it doesn’t play favorites based on your mom’s or dad’s genes. If one side of the family has aggressive balding, it doesn’t matter whether they are on your mom or dad’s side. If anything, you would think this misconception would favor the opposite, since balding is more prevalent in men.

Wearing hats too much causes hair loss

This myth alleges that you’re liming the amount of oxygen or air flow to your hair follicles and thus killing them off faster. That would make sense if your hat were a tight hair net that you never removed, not your typical ball cap that is made out of breathable material. This one is just another excuse for people to complain about hats.

Too much styling, dying, and hair products

If this idea that using too much hair gel, curling, straightening, and primping your hair causes hair loss were true, then women would go bald by the age of 21. Some hair products can definitely damage your hair, but to the degree of causing actual permanent hair loss is rare and not something you should worry about. Even if you bleached your hair regularly, it would not result in hair loss.

Combs cause hair loss faster

This misconception is based on the fact that combs are more likely to pull hair out if it is being used on thick, long hair. Some men will never think of using a brush, as it is seen as too girly, but they would stand to benefit from one if they have naturally thick hair. Regardless, using a brush or comb won’t result in faster hair loss.

Those of us who have already started experiencing hair loss has nothing to do with our hygiene or hair care, but it’s not the end of the world. You can visit us at Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton for real hair loss solutions. Don’t rely on half-truths or myths like the ones above to fight hair loss.