For women, hair loss can be devastating—but the good news is, it doesn’t need to be permanent. Rather than settle for hair loss, discover some of the hair loss solutions that are available to you, right here in Dayton, Ohio. HRC Dayton is pleased to provide a full range of non-surgical hair restoration options, including Hair Follicle Regeneration treatments, laser hair therapy, topical formulas, and beyond.

About Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Though hair transplants can be a viable and permanent option, we understand that many women would prefer something less invasive. That’s why HRC Dayton offers a full spectrum of options in non-surgical hair restoration for women.

The process begins with a consultation. We invite clients to meet with us for a free, one-on-one chat in a private and comfortable area, where we can talk candidly about your hair loss needs. Our stylists will examine your scalp and follicles and suggest some non-surgical options that we know will be safe and effective.

For some clients, this might mean laser therapy, which stimulates new blood flow to the follicles and can encourage new growth; this is something we offer both in-home and in-studio. There are also some great options for clinical-strength topical solutions, especially for those whose hair loss is fairly minor.

Additionally, we’re one of Dayton’s leaders in Hair Follicle Regeneration treatments—a proven option in non-surgical hair restoration for women.


Hair Follicle Regeneration Treatments from HRC Dayton

Hair Follicle Regeneration is a technique in which we draw blood, then extract a concentration of Hair Follicle Regeneration, which has been proven to have healing potential. We then inject that Hair Follicle Regeneration directly into hair follicles, essentially “waking up” the follicles to produce new growth. This is a quick, safe, and totally natural method that has exhibited amazing results for many of our clients.

Hair Follicle Regeneration is quickly becoming a positive non-surgical procedure that aids in the growth of hair that was lost.

In studies, Hair Follicle Regeneration has been seen to increase the amount of hair growth for individuals in a latest study with patients experiencing hair loss or who used it to help aid in hair survivability after transplants.

Learn More About Women’s Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

What we want women to know is that hair loss doesn’t have to be inevitable; it doesn’t have to be something you settle for. There are plenty of tested, effective remedies for hair loss—including Hair Follicle Regeneration and a range of other non-surgical treatments. To learn more about the non-surgical hair restoration options that are right for you, we invite you to contact HRC Dayton today and schedule an appointment!