To understand the causes of male hair loss, it’s first helpful to understand the hair growth cycle. Your follicles are always alternating between growth and rest. In the growth phase, they are producing new hair—but then, in the rest stage, they shed that hair to make room for later growth.

This cycle is perfectly natural and healthy. The problem comes when it’s disrupted. Most causes of male hair loss work by either curbing the growth phase (making it less productive) or extending the rest phase. In either case, the result is more shedding and less growth.

The specific causes of male hair loss are several. Again, male pattern hair loss is the most common by far, accounting for more than nine in every 10 cases. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern hair loss has a strong hereditary component, and involves a hormonal imbalance that throws that natural hair growth cycle askew.

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Some of the less common causes of male hair loss include:

  • Medical hair loss. Some men lose their hair due to the side effects of medical treatments and prescription drugs. Chemotherapy and radiation are two of the best-known offenders.
  • Alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. Hereditary conditions that are related to male pattern hair loss, these two disorders are rare, but lead to extensive hair loss.
  • “Traction” alopecia. Some men experience hair loss due to damaged follicles, all as the result of unhealthy hair styles. Tight ponytails and the “man bun” are the big offenders here.
  • Trichotillomania. A nervous condition, this disorder is characterized by compulsive hair pulling.

Treatment for Male Hair Loss

At HRC Dayton, we can help you get a better sense of why you might be losing your hair—but no matter the reason, there is always an effective solution. As Dayton’s leaders in hair restoration, we are proud to offer a wide range of options, ranging from men's hair systems to hair transplants to PRP injections. We will always tailor these solutions to your needs, helping you find the safest and most effective route toward a full, healthy head of hair.

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