July is Women With Alopecia Month--Here Are 5 Tips to Manage Alopecia
07 / 19 / 19

July is Women With Alopecia Month--Here Are 5 Tips to Manage Alopecia

Women who live with alopecia (hair loss) face many issues and problems. July is Women with Alopecia Month, so let’s take a closer look at 5 tips to help women with alopecia manage their hair loss and handle both practical and aesthetic problems that come with living with alopecia.

Tip #1: Learn that it’s okay to grieve for your hair

Many women with alopecia are simply told that losing their hair shouldn’t matter and “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And while there is nothing wrong with emphasizing inner beauty, you are allowed to grieve for the loss of your hair. Hair is an integral part of our appearances and losing your hair is a major loss to how you perceive yourself. Once you learn to accept that it’s okay to mourn the hair you’ve lost, you can work on handling the rest of the emotions that come with hair loss.

Tip #2: Join an alopecia group

If you’re struggling with the impact that alopecia has on your life, you can benefit from talking and sharing with other women who are experiencing the same thing. A group designed for women with alopecia can help you come to terms with your hair loss, find solutions for various problems, discuss your feelings and even help out others who are living with alopecia.

Tip #3: Rock a wig--or don’t

Many women with alopecia choose to wear wigs in order to restore the appearance of hair after significant loss. Wigs can be a great way for you to improve your self-esteem and feel confident in your appearance. Wigs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from artificial wigs to wigs made with real human hair; you can even purchase more than one wig so you can change up your style whenever you see fit. However, don’t feel pressured to wear a wig--women with alopecia are, in increasing numbers, choosing not to hide their hair loss and instead rock their natural look as a way of embracing alopecia.

Tip #4: Discover the cause of alopecia to potentially prevent additional loss

Depending on the reason for your alopecia, you may be able to prevent or least slow down additional loss. For example, if your alopecia is caused by physical breakage due to using tight rubber bands or heated styling tools, ceasing the use of these can help prevent more loss. If your hair loss is caused by dietary problems, resolving them can help prevent further loss. Knowing the reason behind your alopecia will also help you if you seek treatments such as hair replacement.

Tip #5: Wear sunscreen and head coverings to protect your scalp

If you have thinning hair or total alopecia (alopecia totalis), you will want to take extra steps to protect your scalp in the sun. Remember to apply sunscreen to exposed scalp and to wear a hat, scarf or other head covering to prevent sunburn.

To learn more about your options while dealing with alopecia, contact the hair replacement experts at Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton, Ohio today. We have many surgical and non surgical options for women dealing with hair loss.