02 / 16 / 16

Ben Affleck’s Bald Spot

The hair of 43-year-old Ben Affleck has been the subject of much debate for around a decade now.

Ben Afflecks Bald SpotIt all began when some photos revealed a bald spot on the back of his head in what is called the crown region. This is, decidedly, a permanent hair loss for Mr. Affleck. This type of hair loss is called effluvium. To understand all about it, it’s important to understand the hair follicle cycle.

The cycle of a hair follicle has a growth phase called Anagen. This phase lasts for two to seven years. The next phase it transitions to is a regression phase called Catagen. This phase lasts a couple of weeks. The final phase, called Telogen, lasts from two to four months. The hair follicle is then shed as it reenters a new growth cycle. Now, here come the percentages. Only 80% to 90% of the hair follicles are growing. That means that 10% to 20% of the hair is in a resting state. When the number of hair follicles producing hair decreases during the Telogen phase, there will be a significant number of dormant hair follicles. We call this TE hair loss. TE hair loss is limited to the scalp and is reversible. It simply means that there are more hair follicles in a resting state than there normally are.

Then, what can Ben do for his bald spot? He would benefit from visiting a hair restoration specialist, such as we are, so the cause can be identified. When that is established, he can get take advantage of the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery that leaves no scar on the back of the scalp.

So, if you know Ben, have him contact Hair Replacement Clinic so that we can take care of that bald spot.

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