02 / 02 / 17

Why Men Worry About Baldness But Do Nothing

This is the twenty-first century. You cannot imagine a time when there were no mobile phones, 60” TVs, or electric cars. And yet, there are still men today who accept their male pattern baldness as a genetic cross to bear, and don’t avail themselves of all we have to offer here at HRC Dayton.

Today’s treatments for male pattern baldness have completely reversed the situation for thousands of men who know that they do not have to endure baldness any longer. Many men are aware of the treatments available, and are still reluctant to do something about it. It’s almost too ridiculous to believe, but, unfortunately, it’s true. Baldness affects almost every man – 8 in 10 to be exact, and some of those are not happy, but are reluctant to take any steps to remedy the situation.

Today, with the advancement of scientific and medically proven hair loss treatments at HRC Dayton, more and more men are saying NO to hair loss.

The first step to regaining a head of hair is to set up an appointment with one of our hair loss specialists. The earlier you begin treatment, the better the results will be. Treatments like minoxidil and Propecia can stop the balding process and re-grow hair. But, those are just two of the options open to you. So, if you are a twenty-first century man, who can’t imagine life without his mobile phone or watching TV on a tiny screen, step up to the twenty-first century cures for male pattern baldness.