08 / 09 / 17

Hair Follicle Regeneration for Hair Replacement

Hair Follicle Regeneration is a new hair replacement procedure that has been taking the world by storm. The reason why this process stands above all other hair restoration solutions is due to a combination of things: 1) it’s natural, 2) it doesn’t require any post-treatment medication, and 3) it is quick and relatively simple. Hair Follicle Regeneration is, as you might have guessed, based off of the blood’s platelets—yours, in particular.

Blood is drawn, platelets are extracted and separated via centrifuge, and injected into your scalp where the hair thinning and/or balding is taking place.

Why Platelets?

Our blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma to hold it all together. Platelets, in particular, are responsible for the clotting and coagulating of the blood, making it thicken up whenever we are cut. Higher platelets are associated with faster healing and regrowth of cells that are damaged or lost. Doctors have come to the conclusion that these growth properties can be applied to the scalp, which is host to the hair follicles rooted deep under the skin, to treat hair loss.

Who is a Candidate?

This procedure is far more accessible than most other hair replacement surgeries, mainly because it doesn’t actually require any surgeries. Although, Hair Follicle Regeneration can and is often used alongside hair transplants to increase growth, both in-terms of speed and effectiveness.

Advantages of Hair Follicle Regeneration

Because Hair Follicle Regeneration doesn’t require any additional medications or foreign agents, it enjoys a very high success rate and no risk of the body rejecting the growth stimulus, since it is sourced from your own blood.

The process is not without some discomfort, as a needle does pierce the skin and cause some inflammation, however, Hair Follicle Regeneration is relatively painless and it can be done in as little as thirty minutes.

A doctor can begin administering Hair Follicle Regeneration immediately following your consultation at the office, as it requires little prep and time.

An Accessible Solution

Hair Follicle Regeneration is particularly popular with older women. Women can start noticing symptoms of hair thinning and loss as early as their 40s, but it isn’t talked about as much as men’s hair loss. This treatment is perfect for women who want to revive that full head of hair that they had when they were younger, but without having to go through drastic medical procedures.

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