Is Hair Bonding a Good Option for Hair Loss Recovery?
07 / 02 / 20

Is Hair Bonding a Good Option for Hair Loss Recovery?

Balding can be an embarrassing condition. Many people feel so badly about their hair loss that they stop doing their favorite activities out of fear of being shamed. Although hair loss is mainly seen as a male condition, it affects women too, and can often be more painful for women emotionally.

When hair loss is genetic and not caused by health problems, it can feel like there is no hope, but hair clinics have made it possible to get a full head of hair once again. There are many different options for hair loss, but not all of them are ideal for long hair, some may not give instant results, or they may involve invasive procedures.

If you want an option that is immediately apparent, you may find hair bonding a good choice. Hair bonding is a technique where hair is attached to the head, and is meant to blend in with your current hair. It can be washed the same as regular hair, is non-invasive, and will be apparent instantly.

Benefits of Hair Bonding

There are many benefits to hair bonding. Unlike a wig or toupee, which can be noticeable if not worn correctly, hair bonding is undetectable. You can swim, let wind blow through your hair, comb it, and treat it like normal hair.

Unlike many other restoration techniques, it does not require surgery, and has no recovery time. Perhaps the best feature is that it is instant. You can look in the mirror the moment the procedure is done, and smile at the results.

Unlike hair surgery which is limited on how many times the procedure can be done, hair bonding is not limited. You can have your hair redone as often as needed to keep up your appearance.

Finally, it is the most cost effective solution of all the different types of hair treatment available, especially compared to hair transplant surgery and other more invasive procedures.

Drawbacks to Hair Bonding

Hair bonding does not regrow your hair. It covers the area that is balding. While it can be used as a permanent solution since you can continue to have your hair bonded as often as needed to maintain your appearance, it will not give you your natural hair back.

Hair bonding will require a minimum of one hour of your time approximately every two to six weeks for maintenance. However, this is comparative of most hair procedures.

Is Hair Bonding Right For You?

Hair bonding isn't right for everyone. You will need to make an appointment with a hair bonding clinic to make sure that this option is right for you. If it is, you could enjoy an instant appearance boost that will give you the confidence to live your life again.

For more information about hair bonding, reach out to the hair loss and hair restoration specialists at Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton, Ohio.