How Can I Handle Losing My Hair When My Husband Has All of His? Hair Loss Advice for Women
05 / 15 / 20

How Can I Handle Losing My Hair When My Husband Has All of His? Hair Loss Advice for Women

For women, hair isn't just something that needs to be maintained, it is part of their identity. When a woman starts to lose copious amounts of hair while her husband's hair remains thick and full, it can be a huge emotional burden.

Women tie a lot of themselves into their hair. It is a mark of beauty, femininity, and perhaps even desirability. When they start to lose their hair, it can feel as if they no longer have any of these things. Luckily, there are steps you can take if you start experiencing hair loss.

Sudden hair loss? See a doctor

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are genetic. Sometimes certain health conditions can cause balding, and a simple doctor trip can bring your hair right back. This is especially the case for pregnant or nursing women, who often lose their hair due to fluctuating hormones and not getting enough nutrition.

It's best to rule out a medical reason before moving on to explore other options. If you visit the doctor and they find nothing wrong, you can move on to visiting a hair clinic knowing full well that the problem isn't simply a nutritional issue.

Talk to a hair loss professional

Losing your hair can affect you in a number of different ways, it can not only hit you socially and emotionally, but also may affect your career. When your confidence takes a backseat, it can rob you of all sorts of opportunities you might otherwise have taken advantage of.

If your hair loss is caused by genetics, a hair loss professional may be the best way to making you feel like you again. They can take a look at how far your hair loss has progressed, and give you a number of solutions to help regrow your hair. This might mean hair follicle regeneration treatments, hair transplants, or a variety of surgical and nonsurgical solutions.

With real solutions to help you through your hair loss, you can feel more confident about your appearance knowing that thicker, fuller hair is just an appointment away.

For women, hair loss is an especially bitter pill to swallow. People tend to view bald women as cancer patients or rebels, and for those who want to be seen as career professionals, they may find it much harder to do so with an unconventional appearance.

In the case of a wife losing her hair while the husband’s remains full, emotional turmoil can hurt the relationship as well. Hair loss reaches far beyond physical appearance and strikes at the core of who we think we are.
If you are suffering from hair loss, the best solution is to deal with the problem directly. Medical treatment, whether that is from removing the cause of the hair loss or treating the hair loss itself, is the best way to start feeling like yourself again.

For more information, or for a private consultation, reach out to the hair loss professionals at Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton, Ohio.