What Makes Cesare Ragazzi Unique?
09 / 28 / 18

What Makes Cesare Ragazzi Unique?

There was a time when hair loss was something you just had to accept—but not anymore. Today, there are numerous solutions available to curb hair loss and to restore healthy growth. We are proud to offer a spectrum of solutions right here at HRC Dayton.

These solutions range from wigs to surgical intervention—but one option that’s increasingly popular, among women and men alike, is the custom hair system. Custom hair systems are more permanent and more versatile than wigs, but don’t require surgery. To many, they represent the best of both worlds.

We offer hair systems from many of the world’s top hair designers—including the legendary Cesare Ragazzi. But why choose Cesare Ragazzi for your hair restoration needs? That’s the topic we’ll be exploring in today’s post.

How Do Hair Systems Work?

First, a quick note about how custom hair systems actually work. The process begins here in our salon space, where one of our stylists will measure your scalp and ensure a hair system that fits properly. Then, we’ll commission the hair system to be made by world-class designers—such as the Cesare Ragazzi team.

The system itself involves a micro-thin membrane that’s adhered to your scalp—but before that happens, human hairs are inserted into the membrane one at a time. Once it’s all on your head, the hairs can be cut, colored, and styled however you like, resulting in a full and totally natural-looking head of real hair.

Why Choose Cesare Ragazzi?

And that leads us to Cesare Ragazzi, in particular. We are proud to recommend this brand—but what makes it so unique?

  • First, there is the simple matter of pedigree. Cesare Ragazzi is a hair design lab that’s located in Italy, and for decades the CR folks have been at the cutting edge of hair restoration. They have a track record of amazing innovation, and a reputation for total immersion in all things hair-related. Simply put, they’re the experts. If anyone’s going to design your new head of hair, you want it to be Cesare Ragazzi.
  • Cesare Ragazzi is also known for using only the best hair in the world. Their hair is always virgin hair, which means it’s never been dyed, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. They choose only from the top hair samples in the world, so you can rest assured that your new hair will be wonderfully thick, vibrant, and healthy.
  • There is also the matter of technology. We mentioned above that we take careful measurements to ensure that your hair system fits the way it’s supposed to. That’s something the Cesare Ragazzi team accomplished through advanced 3-D printing capabilities. You’ll be amazed at the precision and quality on display!
  • Speaking of quality, that’s the last point to make about the CR team. They have a legacy of excellence to uphold, and that’s something they take seriously. That’s why each hair system passes through 39 quality-control touchpoints before it makes its way back to HRC Dayton!

Learn More About Hair Systems from HRC Dayton

Hair loss isn’t anything you have to accept as permanent. There are some amazing new ways to combat hair loss, and custom hair systems are at the top of the list.

At HRC Dayton, we delight in showing our clients the options they have to look and feel like themselves again—and we are especially proud that we can deliver solutions from Cesare Ragazzi. Learn more about these amazing hair systems and how they might work for your hair loss needs. Reach out to our Dayton, Ohio hair specialists at your next convenience!