Surgical Hair Transplants vs. Hair Restoration Systems
09 / 20 / 18

Surgical Hair Transplants vs. Hair Restoration Systems: Which One is Right for Me?

No matter the cause and no matter the extent of your hair loss, there is a solution available that can help you look and feel like yourself again. The tricky part can be determining which solution is the right one for addressing your hair loss needs. Here at HRC Dayton, one of our passions is meeting with men and women and showing them some of the different options available for full hair restoration.

One of the most common questions we get is whether a hair transplant or a hair restoration system is preferable. Both have been proven to offer great results; both are long-lasting; and both are things we proudly offer here at HRC Dayton. So which one should you choose?

Individualized Hair Loss Solutions

The short answer is that there is no answer—or at least no short and sweet one. It really is all about the individual. For some, a transplant makes sense; for others, a system works better.

That’s why we always begin the process with a consultation. In a private, confidential setting, we’ll talk with you about your hair restoration needs and expectations. We may even perform a brief scalp evaluation, helping you get a better sense of why you might be losing your hair in the first place.

From there, we can talk with you in some detail about the options available, and even consult with you on whether we think a surgical hair transplant or a hair restoration system would be your best option.

Comparing the Choices

Now let’s take a closer look at the two solutions we’ve mentioned here. A hair transplant is the more invasive option; it’s surgery, although advances in hair transplantation have made it incredibly quick and easy with very minimal recovery. In a basic hair transplant, we’ll take a donor sample—healthy follicles from the side or back of your head—and graft it to your scalp. Following a few weeks, which may involve a period of shedding, you’ll start to see healthy, regular hair growth.

A custom hair system does not require surgical intervention. Basically, it involves a custom-made, micro-thin membrane, into which human hairs are inserted one at a time. The system is then adhered to your head, and the hair can be cut, colored, or styled however you like it.

A few considerations: First of all, those whose hair loss is extreme may not have healthy donor samples to be used for a hair transplant—so for them, the choice is clear. Another point to mention is that hair systems do require you to visit us in our salon space every few weeks for maintenance. This is no different than getting a routine haircut, however, so it’s something post-transplant clients will also need to do. And as for timing, it takes around 90 days for your hair transplant to generate new growth, but it also takes a few weeks for your hair system to be made—so again, it’s really a toss-up.

Choosing the Best Hair Solution

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in hair restoration. It has everything to do with your needs, your preferences, and your personal tastes. What we can say without hesitation is that transplants and hair systems can both be excellent options, and we are proud to offer them both to men and women throughout Dayton, Ohio.

Come talk to us about your hair loss, and let’s work together to find the best possible solution. Reach out to HRC Dayton today, and schedule an appointment for your hair restoration consultation.