06 / 19 / 14

Susan’s Alopecia Was Solved By HRC Dayton

Q: Susan – you found HRC through a concern of yours – your hair was falling out and – you were diagnosed with Alopecia. How far back did this go?

Susan – I’ve been going to HRC for about four years. Bob gave me a test – and – it was obvious that I had a problem with the top and sides of my head. I use to have long-thick hair when I was a child – but – not now – my own hair.

Q: And, this wasn’t new to you – that is, thinning hair.

Susan – By the time I had gone to HRC, no – I had been living with this for some time. I’m 63 now – and looking back – it began during my 30’s. It really whacks your self esteem.

Q: Before HRC, were you trying other products?

Susan – I tried hair vitamins and supplements. You hear about these kinds of things – how they can strengthen your hair. Nothing worked.

Q: Lots of women suffer from thinning hair – whether it’s this type of condition or pattern baldness – don’t they?

Susan – Yes they do. One thing I did – was a lot of reading on the subject. And, when the Internet came along – that opened the door to a lot more balding information – especially women. I learned that Alopecia is more common than you might think.

Q: And, the Internet pointed you to Bob Rider and HRC?

Susan – After much research – it favored HRC and – I’m glad I went. Bob Rider took my problem as seriously as I did. Also, I had gone to a dermatologist – and she said when the hair was gone, it was gone. So, after talking with
Bob – it was a great feeling.

Q: Did the doctor say what triggered hour Alopecia?

Susan – I’m adopted so – it’s hard to really glean my history before a certain age. So, no she did not. And, I’ve had many surgeries such as replacement surgeries. Perhaps that has contributed.

Q: You come to see Bob Rider about four years ago – what was next?

Susan – HRC really has the best technology and – they added the hair back non-surgically. I love it – because I wear my hair at 16 inches (actually a poni tail) and – it looks great.

Q: And, you look great a fabulous. Alopecia can be very tricky. Doctors say you can try this and you can try that – but they’re not really confident on this subject. Are they?

Susan – That’s right – so, when you see someone like Bob – it’s totally different. It’s a great experience. I’ve had some health concerns over the years – and I can tell you – one of the best things about me now is my hair.

Q: You sure went through a lot of hair thinning years. All-in-all – sounds like you’re set.

Susan – I am and HRC has been very good to me. Four years – and going stronger all the time.

Q: It sounds great and – companies like HRC are few and far between. Many clients with different thinning problems – say the same thing!

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