05 / 19 / 16

Travel Induced Hair Loss

A traveler recently wrote in saying that almost a year after all her traveling was done, she has experienced increasing hair loss. She went on to say that it wasn’t too noticeable in the beginning, but recently people have commented on her very thin hair. After a little bit of research, she discovered that other men and women have had the same experience when returning home from very humid, tropical climates.

She went on to write that her hair was always on the thin side, but never to the extent that it is now. She said that, she “never felt any extreme stress while abroad especially when getting used to the new environment, foods, peoples and cultures. However, my body and physicality displayed quite the contrary with my yearlong hair loss. Physical and/or emotional stress might have sent my body into rest mode in which I’d tend to notice more hair loss. Actually, I did have a hospital episode in Cambodia wherein there was the stress of a 104-degree fever that wreaked havoc for 4 days.”

Travel to new locations is, indeed, scintillating. But, it is important to consider some health factors. One of these is hair fall-out. Many people experience a lot of hair fall-out when traveling – more so than when staying in one place. Here is a list of some possible causes of hair fall-out during travel:

  • Climatic changes with the step in to a different environment
  • Changes in time zone
  • Effect of extreme climatic conditions
  • Stress due to hectic travel schedule

For some people, like the above writer, the cause of female hair loss is simply due to stress. Water can also be one of the factors that will affect an individual’s hair. This hair fall-out can also lead to baldness of an individual. If you are suffering from travel hair loss, there are ways to prevent it.

First of all, leave your dryers and straighteners at home. Secondly, try to always stay in an air conditioned room. Thirdly, try not to use a lot of water on your hair or to soak your hair in water while you are traveling. The change in water could lead to vigorous hair fall-out. Here are two tips to keep your hair healthy while traveling:

  1. Don’t comb your hair when it is wet, and the hair roots remain soft. You will see hair on your comb if you’ve used it while your hair was wet.
  2. Before you leave on your travels, use henna or conditioner on your hair. It leaves your hair soft and supple, and could lessen hair fall-out.

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