How My Life Changed
12 / 07 / 17

How My Life Changed – Looking Back Over 20 Years

Our Client Trudy Has Been with Us For 20 Years!

Trudy Says Bob Changed Her Life Back In 1998

Trudy, Bob’s first female client, says that way back in the (late) 1990’s – she had a hair loss/hair thinning problem that was unstoppable. Wigs of the day just weren’t doing the job. She found out about HRC/Dayton – even though (back then) they were doing mostly men. No problem for Bob and his staff. She’s still coming to HRC – and says through the years – women got smarter – those with her same problem starting coming to HRC.

Q: Trudy, your story is amazing and inspiring at the same time. Hair replacement back then was mostly men. Today it’s drastically different as many women over the past few years have sought out HRC and their products and services.

Trudy – that’s right. When this was happening to me, I was very self conscious as I’d see hair fallout everyday – on the comb and on the floor. It was very hard and I wore wigs.

Q: I can’t imagine.

Trudy – Yes and because of it – wearing a wig, I couldn’t do the things I love such as the beach and boating. That changed after coming here. In fact, lots of things changed, like my peace-of-mind.

Q: What was your problem?

Trudy – It’s just that I had thick, wonderful hair and it started falling out. And, it wasn’t growing. When I first came to HRC (with my husband) – Bob took a look and told me the choices.

Q: Yes

Trudy – I was so self-conscious and had to fight with this everyday – Bob’s consultation was such great news. I remember taking off the wig and when Bob’s staff got done with me – the first time – it was WONDERFUL.

Q: How did you wear your hair back then?

Trudy – I wear it long. I’d say – down to my shoulders. Let me say – the beauticians do a wonderful job.

Q: Through the years – you got to see this business change for the better, haven’t you?
Trudy – Oh yes. The product is actually much better and, as you said – more women are coming to HRC. For me – there’s no better place to treat hair loss.

Q: Now – you say you wear your hair long?

Trudy – that’s right – to about my shoulder. Through the years here, I’ve shortened it and tried different things along with coloring. It’s no problem. I do like to wear it up with a clamp on the back – especially when I’m at the pool.

Q: So, this is easy to manage.

Trudy – I make my appointments ahead. If I have any issues, I call – come in and they take care of me. It’s wonderful.

Q: Thanks Trudy.

This is the first interview in Bob Rider’s Legacy series. We thank Trudy for her time and reminded her, she was a trendsetter and we’re sure, inspired other women to do something about their thinning hair.