Celebrating Bob Rider’s Legacy
12 / 13 / 17

Celebrating Bob Rider’s Legacy

Client Gary First Came To HRC In 2001
“Hair Replacement Technology Has Changed Drastically… and For The Better"

Q: Gary – you first came to Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton back in 2001.

Gary – That’s right. I was there about a year, then left because of changes in my life. I came back a few years ago. That’s what kind of impression Bob made on me.

Q: What was your situation back in 2001?

Gary – At that time I had been married for 36 years and my wife passed away. I always wanted to try this – improve my thinning hair. I liked it – back then it looked great.

Q: Then, another lifestyle change?

Gary – Yes, I got married again.

Q: So, you can say, your new confidence got you to this step?

Gary – Yes, that’s a good point. So I laid-lo for awhile – 10 years went by and – I got divorced. I decided to give Bob a call because – the first time – was such a great, positive experience and I wanted to recapture all of that.

Q: Did Bob remember you?

Gary – Yes he did. He told me that the technology had changed for the better since my last time. I got quite excited.

Q: Such a great story.

Gary – Yes… and – I re-married for the third time.

Q: Did you see a big difference in what could be offered to you – between the first and second time?

Gary – Yes – today – HRC can fill just about any hair loss need. I couldn’t believe how great the hair looked. The other thing I noticed – many more women were joining men in combating hair loss.

Q: Any other thoughts through your journey?

Gary – HRC does such a first-class job. They know the business and they know their clients. I always look forward to my next visit. If you have hair loss – see them first. I feel as great as I did when I first sat in their chair – back in 2001. Bob is a class act and his legacy in the hair business is assured.

Q: Thanks Gary

Gary is one of many clients who have been with Bob Rider and HRC for many years. No one in the greater Dayton area has more hair loss/hair replacement experience and long-term clients.