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Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men

VIRTUAL REALITY IS THE BEST and, most importantly, the most NATURAL looking hair replacement treatment for male hair loss treatment available anywhere. Virtual Reality hair replacement for men is the custom men’s hair system is custom designed for your particular type of hair loss and lifestyle.  It starts with a uniquely thin, flexible, second skin like surface with natural hair growth patterns. The base being so thin and natural, it adheres with no ridges or bumps. It is literally undetectable to the human touch.

100% Non-Surgical Real Hair

dayton ohio men's hair replacementA perfect marriage of science and nature, Virtual Reality is real human hair that styles perfectly. It’s available in the Dayton, Ohio area only at Hair Replacement Clinic, where specially-trained stylists will give you what you’ve always dreamed about: a new full head of hair.

There’s no home maintenance at all. You get full service from the experts at Hair Replacement Clinic. And our network of concepts studios all over the country provides you with service wherever you travel. You get:

  • The look of your own hair
  • The confidence of having real hair
  • The styling freedom of great looking hair
  • And no one will know it’s not your own natural growing hair (unless you tell them).

Virtual Reality is the ideal hair loss treatment for men with active lifestyles, you can swim, shower, ski, sweat and roll around in the grass with your dog.  Virtual Reality is the men’s hair loss treatment that delivers results.

What Makes Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men so Special?

Virtual Reality is a thin, flexible, second skin like surface with natural hair growth patterns. It is literally undetectable to the human touch. With 100% Euro Texture Human Hair for the most natural appearance and touch, you get great looking hair all day and all night – with no bumps, lumps or ridges with the exclusive DermaLens base. With Virtual Reality hair replacement, you get:

  • No more worrying about bright lighting.
  • No worry when it rains.
  • No checking the mirror every five minutes.
  • Any style… any way you want it, whenever you want it.
  • No daily maintenance. Treat it just like your own hair.

And no worries, since Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton takes care of everything. Wherever you travel nationwide, a Virtual Reality Hair Salon or Clinic is there to assist you.

Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men is available exclusively in the Dayton, Ohio area only at Hair Replacement Clinic in Dayton. It is the ideal hair replacement solution for men looking for great looking hair.

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With over 30 years experience, we have the experience to address every type of hair loss. Our professional staff will help you identify the best approach and answer your questions. Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your complimentary, confidential hair loss evaluation today and see how easy it is to be yourself again!

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