Graduated Enhancment Female Hair Replacement Dayton Ohio

Graduated Enhancement Method for Women

Graduated Enhancement hair replacement and augmentation utilizes 100% human hair and is so light you’ll never know it’s there. All you’ll feel is the hair you once had. And that feels terrific and looks beautiful. The Graduated Enhancement Method is available exclusively in the Dayton, Ohio area at Hair Restoration Clinic, for over 30 years, Dayton’s hair restoration specialists. With our world renowned Graduated Enhancement Method now with you can do something about female hair loss once and for all.

Graduated Enhancement female hair replacement. Dayton, Ohio.Hair Loss is silent and personal struggle. No one talks female hair loss. With over 20 million America women suffering from hair loss, 10 million of them under 40 years old, you would think that female hair loss would be a topic for open conversation with an array of solutions available. Think again.

The Beautiful Solution to Female Hair Loss

Maybe you’ve tried wigs, wiglets, extensions, Rogaine, weaves and nay number of other remedies without much success.

Why will the Graduated Enhancement Method be any better? For one, Graduated Enhancement is different. It is breakthrough technology that has been adapted to each problem of a women’s hair loss.

But more than just a technical tour de force, Graduated Enhancement is also a solution very much based in the physiology and dynamics of human hair. It has a feeling of natural flowing hair you’ve never encountered before in any type of hair replacement system.

Once you see Graduated Enhancement, you’ll know it’s true. You’ll also be the only one to know about Graduated Enhancement, unless you tell, of course.

Graduated Enhancement: Uniquely Beautiful

The Graduated Enhancement Method is not one solution, but a series of fourteen different solutions, each one dedicated to solving a particular pattern of women’s hair loss. There are Graduated Enhancement hair replacements designed to supplement hair in just the crown area. There are those designed to add volume to the top of the head while maximizing the use of existing hair: particularly good solution for women suffering from diffused hair loss.

A specific Graduated Enhancement solution also exists for suffers of hair loss in the hairline and /or front mid-scalp area. In fact, there’s Graduated Enhancement Method use for every type of women’s hair loss, including total coverage solutions for women whose hair loss is caused by alopecia or medical treatments.

How Graduated Enhancement Works

The definition of the Graduated Enhancement Method lies in its name: It’s method of increasing the volume of your own hair that is graduated (or increased) according to the amount of hair you need. As you might expect, Graduated Enhancement is many things given the wide variety of resolutions it provides.

What is common to all Graduated Enhancement Method hair replacements is that they utilize 100% human hair. Simply put, Graduated Enhancement will make you look and feel as if you have never had any hair loss. The hair color can look just like your own, or to shade you feel is most complimentary. The styles in which your hair can be worn are almost boundless.

The texture of the hair will be duplicated from your own existing hair. And the feel of Graduated Enhancement is one of unimportance. The hair substitute itself is so light you’ll never know it’s there. All you’ll feel is the hair you once had. And that feels incredible.

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety

Hair Replacement Clinic offers the latest hair restoration solutions for hair loss, baldness, cancer treatment and thinning. With offices conveniently located in Dayton, Ohio, we offer the latest state-of-the-art technology in non-surgical hair replacement and proven, breakthrough hair loss prevention programs including the latest FDA approved laser hair loss therapy procedures.

With over 30 years experience, we have the experience to address every type of hair loss. Our professional staff will help you identify the best solutions and answer your questions.

Take the first step to a new you. Schedule your free, private hair loss evaluation today and see how easy it is to be yourself again! With hair restoration, there are lots of avenues to consider but only one phone call you need to make. Call now: (937) 433-5216


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